Moving in & Out | Booking Request

Before you can move in or out of the REX you are required to submit a booking request, agree to the Transportation of Goods Agreement and pay a security bond.  

The purpose of this agreement and the associated guidelines are;

  • to ensure that the common property is protected during Removalist Work;
  • to minimise the inconvenience to other residents, and; 
  • to rectify any damage


Before removalist work can commence, your removalist will be required to;

  • sign into the building
  • agree to the transportation of goods agreement
  • provide a copy of their public liability insurance
  • provide a copy of their works compensation insurance

The booking request must be received at least two full working days prior to your requested move in/out date. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Move In/Out booking requests are only allowed Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 5.00pm and on Saturday between 9.00am and 4.00pm.

Building Management reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time when circumstances beyond the control of Building Management dictate that a booking cannot proceed.

A booking can also be cancelled at the discretion of Building Management if the resident or removal company fails to comply with the lawful directions of Building Management, breaches the By-Laws or health and safety procedures or behaves in a rude or abusive manner.

The transportation of goods agreement can be found below.

Our concierge will be in contact to confirm your booking request.

Transportation of Goods Agreement

1.  Removalist works

1.1  Removalist Work is defined as the transportation of multiple items of furniture across common property.

1.2  Before any Removalist Work commences, the resident must have written approval from building management to proceed. Such approval will not be granted unless the resident:

  a) has provided a completed Booking Request Form

  b) agreed to the Transportation of Goods Agreement

  c) paid a bond of $500.

1.3  Residents moving, or receiving a delivery of a single item, such as a fridge, lounge, cupboard etc., will not be required to pay a bond, and can lodge this agreement a minimum of 12 hours before the delivery time. You will not be required to pay a bond but will be legally liable for any damage to common property.

2.  Process of Approval

2.1  The Building Manager must be given at least two working days prior notice of Removalist Work.

2.2  The loading dock (left hand side only) will only be made available to approved booking requests. Goods lift availability cannot be guaranteed on any particular date if you have not received booking request approval.

2.3  Agreement to the Transportation of Goods Agreement and payment of the bond must be completed before any Removalist Work commences.

2.4  The Building Manager (or a delegate) and the resident will inspect the relevant common property areas before the Removalist Work commences to ascertain whether there is any pre-existing damage and again at the end of the work to determine whether any damage has been caused by the Removalist Work.

2.5  If no damage has been caused by the Removalist Work, the deposit bond will be refunded promptly. If there is any damage, the bond will be retained until the damage has been repaired or, if necessary, used to pay for the cost of the repairs. If the bond is insufficient to cover the cost of the repairs, the Owners Corporation may commence legal proceedings against the resident and/or the contractor to recover any shortfall.

3.  Respect for other Residents

3.1  Contractors undertaking Removalist Work must not use radios, tape recorders or any other equipment likely to interfere with the quiet enjoyment of other residents.

4.  Rubbish Cleaning

4.1  Rubbish must be removed from site on the day of the Removalist Work, or daily should the work take more than one day.

4.2  Personal items and/or furniture must not be left unattended on Common property during the Removalist Work.

4.3  All common areas accessed by contractors undertaking Removalist Work must be left in a clean state. Contractors must agree to pay for any additional cleaning that these areas may require. 

5.  Property Protection

5.1  The contractor undertaking the Removalist Work must ensure that all common property surfaces are protected from damage.

5.2  Service lifts covering, walls, floors before the must be protective by the removalist

5.3  The resident and/or contractor will be charged for any necessary repairs to common areas due to damage caused during Removalist Work.

5.4  Note: Indoor clearance is of normal door size (approximately 87cm by 201cm). The goods lift has a removable ceiling but before moving tall items first check with the Building Manager.

6.  Security

6.1  Electronic security passes to the resident’s floor and apartment keys must be provided by the resident. The contractor can make arrangements with the building staff for access to the loading dock and the good lift.

6.2  All contractors attending site must sign in and out on a daily basis. NOTE: This is an OH&S requirement for emergency procedures.

7.  Safety and OH&S Issues

7.1  It is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all the contractor’s employees or subcontractors on site and to ensure that their activities do not compromise the safety of the building occupants. The Building Manager or the REX Strata Committee reserves the right stop work if safety requirements are not observed. All Statutory requirements, Codes of Practice or Requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act must be complied with while at the Rex.

7.2  The Concierge/ Building Staff have a First Aid Kit should this be required.

7.3  Contractors must follow the directions of persons appointed as safety or fire wardens.

8.  Supervision

8.1  All work on site must be appropriately supervised. The Building Manager must be provided with the following:

  • The names of all contractors working on site;
  • The contact phone numbers of all supervisors (24hr contact number);
  • An assessment of any potential safety hazards and what procedures have been taken to minimise risk;
  • An outline of what security arrangements have been made.

9. Bond

9.1  The bond is for any costs that may arise for cleaning or repair of damage to the common property. This will be determined after the Removalist Work is completed. The Building Manager may deduct from the bond the cost of restoring fixtures and finishes damaged during the Removalist Work. The bond is $500, payable by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Strata Plan 71715. Payment of the bond is required to process a booking request. 

10.  Declaration

You must agree to this agreement before your booking request can be be processed.