Keeping Animals

The REX is proudly a family-friendly building including our four legged children

By-Law 9

a)  An Occupier must obtain the written approval of the Committee before bringing or keeping or permitting an Invitee to bring any animal on a Lot or the Common Property.

b)  If written approval has been given by the Committee to bring or keep an animal on a Lot:

i)  the animal must not interfere with the peaceful enjoyment by an Occupier of another Lot or of any person lawfully using the Common Property;

ii)  the animal must wear an identification tag clearly showing the Occupier’s details and be kept within the boundaries of the Lot and be carried over or kept on a leash when passing over the Common Property;

iii)  the Occupier must provide an annual written report to the Committee from a qualified veterinarian, which testifies to the animal’s current health and immunisation (at the expense of the Occupier) if reasonably requested;

iv)  the keeping of the animal must comply with all Council regulations and evidence of registration shall be provided to the Committee if reasonably requested;

v)  the Occupier of the Lot at which the animal is being kept shall indemnify the Owners Corporation, the Owner or Occupier and/or any person lawfully using the Common Property against any injury, damage, loss or expense, legal or otherwise, incurred or suffered, as a result of the animal being on Common Property or any Lot;

vi)  an animal must not be left unattended overnight;

vii)  an Occupier must clean up after an animal that they bring or keep or permit to bring or keep on a Lot or the Common Property; and

viii)  any other reasonable conditions specified by the Committee.

c)  Any approval given by the Committee to keep an animal on a Lot (including prior to the passing of this by-law) shall only operate until the death of the animal or the animal moves from the Scheme Land.

d)  This by-law does not apply to:

i)  a person who has the right to be accompanied by a guide, hearing or assistance dog under the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009; and

ii)  any animal that will live in a tank, or in a cage, and which will not cause any nuisance to any other Occupier, and would not cause concern to other Occupiers if it escaped (snakes and spiders and other similar animals do not apply to this exemption).

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