Installation of Fixtures on Balcony Walls

The following outlines the conditions that must be complied with when installing mirrors or other items to the balcony blade walls.


  1. The installation of any fixtures on balcony blade walls such as for a mirror, wall feature, security cameras, speakers, plant hook or any other item is only permitted with prior approval, and the details of any such work must be submitted for approval to be considered by the Strata Committee.


  1. All penetrations through the blue board requires sikaflex sealer waterproofing around the penetration.


  1. The installation of a mirror on apartment balcony blade walls is only permitted with the prior approval of the Strata Committee and in accordance with the following conditions:
  2. The type of mirror must be of a variety to prevent unsightly future delamination and staining.
  3. The back of all mirrors are to be appropriately finished so that any fixing adhesive cannot be seen through the back of the mirror.
  4. The top and side edges of the mirrors must be sealed to prevent water transfer behind the mirror. This sealant must be of a colour to match that of the building, or alternatively painted in the building’s colour.
  5. The mirror is to be fixed to the wall with an appropriate adhesive in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and by a qualified glazier.
  6. All costs and future maintenance of the mirror will be the responsibility of the owner.
  7. Should the mirror deteriorate to the extent that it affects the visual appearance of the building it will be replaced at the Owners cost at the request of the Strata Committee.

Directions from Building Management

  1. The Building Manager has overall responsibility for common property areas and all directions from Building Management must be adhered to. The owner acknowledges that should a direction from Building Management not be adhered to, in particular from contractors, measures can be taken by Building Management to restrict access to common property such as the temporary disablement of site access, with any further access needing to be under the supervision of the owner.
  2. The owner acknowledges that should a stop work request be made from Building Management, work must cease immediately until further direction is provided.

Post completion

  1. The Building Manager must be notified when the project is complete and a post completion inspection of the unit will be made by the Building Manager to ensure the renovation was carried out in accordance with the works approved and no damage to common property has occurred.

Owner Responsibility

  1. Owners are responsible for the actions of their contractors and a breach of any of these conditions by a contractor is considered a breach by the owner.
  2. Owners are responsible for any resultant water penetration damage to that lot, neighbouring lots and the common property.
  3. Owners that do not comply with the above conditions consent to allowing the Owner’s Corporation to enter the balcony area of the lot, and remove the non-complying mirror with any associated costs to be paid for by the owner.

The lot owners’ written acceptance of these conditions must be provided with the renovation application for it to be considered. This can be done by an owner signing and returning a copy the conditions form that can be downloaded here

Should you require any clarification of these conditions please contact Building Management or the Strata Manager.