Food Scraps Recycling Trial

If you signed up to the food scraps recycling trial, it will commence on July 29th, 2019. (Applications for the trial are now closed)

Please use the approved supplied green bags, a compostable bag or newspaper and deposit food scrapes in the maroon lid bin located outside the good lifts on the ground level.

Council will collect our scraps twice per week, on a Monday and Thursday.

How to recycle your food scraps as part of the trial

Step 1

Collect food scraps in your kitchen caddy or other container

  • Line your caddy or container with a compostable bag or newspaper. Or if you prefer, use it unlined.
  • Place all cooked and raw food scraps inside.

Step 2

Empty your caddy just before it’s full

  • Seal food scraps by tying the liner bag, or folding the newspaper.
  • Empty at least every 2 to 3 days or more often in warm weather.

Step 3

Deposit contents into your maroon lid food scraps bin

  • Place your bagged, wrapped or loose scraps in your maroon lid bin.
  • Be sure to close the bin lid.
  • In The REX, your maroon lid bin is located on the ground level outside the good lift.