Before, during and completion of works

Before works commence

Once the strata committee and/or owners corporation decision has been made, the Owner will be notified in writing. If an application has been rejected, then an explanation detailing the reasons for rejection will be given.

Before commencement of the Works the Owner must:

a)  provide any documents reasonably required by the Owners Corporation relating to the Works;

b)  obtain the approval of the Owners Corporation in accordance with the Owners Corporations by-laws howsoever relating to the Works;

c)  obtain any necessary approval from any Authorities any provide a copy to the Owners Corporation;

d)  provide all information required to be provided to Council or a private accredited certifier to the Owners Corporation;

e)  provide all contractor information including licences numbers, public liability insurance and work compensation insurance policies.

f)  pay a bond as determined by the strata committee

During the works

Whilst the Works are in progress the Owner must:

a)  use duly licensed employees, contractors or agents to conduct the Works and, if required, supply their contact details before each of them commences their work;

b)  perform the Works between 9am and 5pm weekdays (excluding public holidays) or at other times reasonably approved by the Owners Corporation;

c)  only use percussion tools or other noisy equipment such as tile cutters and jack hammers between the hours of 9am and 2pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) and only after reasonable warning has been provided to the Building Manager and other Occupiers.

d)  ensure the Works are conducted in a proper and workmanlike manner and comply with the current Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards and the law;

e)  not create noise that causes unreasonable discomfort, disturbance or interference with activities of any other occupier of the building;

f)  comply with any reasonable direction given by the Building Manager or the strata committee regarding the manner in which the Works are carried out;

g)  protect all affected areas of the Building outside the Lot from damage relating to the Works or the transportation of construction materials, equipment and debris;

h)  promptly clean any part of the common property where dust and debris has been deposited during the course of the Works

i)  ensure that materials, equipment or debris are not stored on the common property;

j)  ensure that building waste is not dumped in the garbage chute or garbage room;

k)  ensure the Works do not interfere with, damage or soil any part of another lot or common property, including any fixtures, fittings or other property contained on another lot or common property, unless permitted under this by-law;

l)  promptly rectify any damage to, or soling of, any part of another lot or common property, at its own cost, where such damage or soling is caused by the Works;

m)  comply with the requirements of the owners corporation, the by-laws and any Authority concerning the performance of the Works;

n)  not vary the Works without first obtaining the written consent of the Owners Corporation.

Completion of works

Having regard to the completion of the Works, the Owner must:

a)  notify the Building Manager on completion of works;

b)  provide any documents reasonably required by the Owners Corporation relating to the Works, including a copy of any certificate or certification required by an Authority (and/or Council or private accredited certifier) to certify the Works;

c)  notify the Owners Corporation that any damage to lot and/or common property caused by the Works and not permitted by this by-law has been rectified and, if required by the Owners Corporation, provide certification from a suitably qualified engineer(s), approved by the Owners Corporation, that the rectification works in respect of such damage have been completed; and

d)  make an appointment with the Building Manager to inspect and approve the completed works;


  • The renovation bond will be released upon the approval of the works by the Building Manager.
  • Failure to comply with any relevant authority, the owners corporation or the by-laws may require the removal or make good of the proposed works.